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Dear Praying Friends,


Greetings in the Saviour's precious name.


Please excuse the long silence from this end! Due to insurmountable circumstances it has not been possible to keep you, our faithful prayer partners, up to-date as regularly as we would have liked, sorry.


Generally we have much to praise the Lord for. We have the usual mixture of encouragements and discouragements with the Students at The Haven and also with developments up at the new site.


Since last writing three Students were asked to leave the program for behaviour unbecoming and we have admitted a further three that are in the process of settling in.


Student "E", who we asked prayer for last Update, is progressing but needs to distinguish between a knowledge of the Lord to knowing Him personally.


Student "K" is highly qualified in the world of telecommunications and has more than one university degree. Sadly, when it comes to putting trust and faith in the Lord he would rather "work it out" first! This is causing him much frustration, which together with his personal pride, has become a stumbling block for him.


Ex Student "R" returned after 9 months of "riotous living" and is a shadow of his former self. He tells me that is got so bad that by 5 am each morning he was already drunk and high on crack cocaine. This man has a wife and five children.


Staff wise. David Mc Gorrin is due his summer leave to the U.K. for three weeks and what with local preaching responsibilities as well as the daily Haven responsibilities it is going to be a heavy schedule for Mark.


Sterling Moss, our day & night Manager, has just announced his engagement to a fine Christian lady and we ask for praise and prayer for them as they seek the Lord's leading as their lives come together. Stirling is a magnificent trophy of grace, brought up through the program; the Lord has brought his a very long way. We are extremely happy for them both and pray the Lord's richest blessing for them.


Please pray as we are talking and praying with a local national brother re working with us in the Program as a "House Father." Please pray for "M" that the Lord will lead and guide both him and us in this further venture of faith.


Work up at the new site has progressed wonderfully till now. To complete, and for us to be able to move on site, we need to complete the plumbing, electrical, plastering and floor tiling. Please pray that the necessary finances will be forth coming to complete the renovations.


Requests are out to local charitable trusts for furnishings for the kitchen, laundry, lounge and dinning rooms. Please pray the Lord will prosper these applications.


The continued search for a suitable replacement vehicle for Mark still continues and they are actively following up on a couple of possibilities. Please pray for the finances still needed in this respect.


Carol has been seeing Consultants in respect to her recent surgery. So far the tests and results have shown good progress and the site has healed well but she will still be monitored every three months.


Our daughter Pamela is still experiencing difficulties with lower abdominal pains associated with the pelvic problems she experienced prior to the birth of her daughter.


Carol is hoping to come out to Mark in The Bahamas soon but they need to be assured that Pamela will be well on the road to recovery before Carol leaves the U.K. Please pray for healing for Pamela and guidance for them all.


Our grateful thanks for your prayer fellowship and we pray the Lordís blessing on your own individual efforts to reach the lost for Christ.


Warmly in Him


Mark & Carol Lacey




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