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The Board of The Haven, having proved the success of their program and recognizing the increasing need in our society to help hurting people, are proposing to re-establish and expand The Haven Ministry. The present site, which does not belong to The Haven nor is it big enough for the planned expansion, is also up for sale!

The plans for The New Haven will double the present residential accommodation to 24 beds. A Halfway House is also proposed to accommodate eight graduated students. To expand our Lawn Furniture production, plans have been drawn for a large multi purpose Workshop. Provision has also been planned for Staff accommodation in the form of two apartments. Even further in the future there is envisaged a second phase to address the needs of Women. Plans are being formed to accommodate a Women’s and Pregnant Teenager’s Ministry.

To bring to fruition their vision the Board has been actively seeking to acquire a suitable site for the last two years. Finally, after many dead ends, they have successfully negotiated and agreed to buy the 1:33 acre site last owned by The Nassau Dunbrick Company in Centerville.

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The site provides all that is needed to re-establish and expand The Haven Ministry. Included on the site is a two-story 5,000 square foot building ideally suited to being converted to the new headquarters of The Haven Ministry. The ground floor will provide for the daily working and the administration of the Program and will include a one hundred seater multi purpose hall. The first floor has all the space needed to accommodate twenty four men in three dormitories.

The preplanned buildings that are to be erected, i.e. the Workshop, The Half Way House and the Staff Accommodation fit perfectly around the irregular shaped perimeter of the site. There is also reserved room on the site for the second phase, that of the Women’s and Pregnant Teenager’s Ministry. (See site plan enclosed.)

The 1:33 acre site in Centerville, complete with its 5,000 sq. ft, two-story building, was on the market for $625,000 net. The Board has successfully negotiated with the owners who have agreed to sell for $500,000 net.

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Once the purchase has been completed and before The Haven can move their ministry onto the site two things are needed:

1) The alterations and refurbishment of the New Haven building.

2) The erection of the New Haven Workshops.

We have promises from the USA and Trusts in the U.K. to assist in the necessary alterations and refurbishment of the main building. We are talking with another local Trust in respect to the erection of the Workshops.

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