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The Haven was founded in August 1988 by a group of Christians burdened for the poor and needy. From modest beginnings, supplying breakfasts in Black Village, their vision for a residential rehabilitation program was developed to address the escalating drug problem and the needs of the chronic addict and alcoholic. Situated on Mackey Street, for the last twelve years, the present accommodation houses 14 Students in a twelve-month program that has three phases.

The Aims of the Program are to offer rest and help to the addict and alcoholic. Strongly based upon the Christian faith the structured program addresses the Student’s Physical, Psychological and Spiritual needs. This approach develops well-rounded, emotionally secure men, husbands and fathers.

Phase One involves Seclusion when the Student, through Group Therapy, Life Skill Classes, One-on-One Counseling, Bible Study, Christian Discipleship and Work Groups, develops the skills and gains the "tools" that will enable him to live a new life drug & alcohol free.

The Haven Carpentry Shop, is an essential part of Phase One. It is used as a training facility for the Students to develop work skills and prepare them for suitable permanent employment in the community.

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Phase Two sees the Student commencing or returning to fulltime employment. They are still residents of The Haven and continue their studies, group therapy and counseling sessions. A bank account is opened and money management taught. We are grateful to those employers who give The Haven Students the opportunity of taking all they have learnt in Phase One and putting it into practice in the work place.

Home visits at weekends are permitted periodically during Phase Two. They are carefully structured and intended to help redevelop family relationships and build towards the Student’s re-entry into their family circle after Graduating from the Program. Students are helped to find a suitable church during Phase Two, which will become their Spiritual home on Graduation.

Phase Three is Re-entry when the Student enjoys all his liberties but is still a resident of The Haven and accountable to the Staff. On graduating from the Program the Student is secure in employment, has savings to establish his own accommodation, has redeveloped family relationships and found a new fellowship in a Church.

Funding The Haven’s day to day operation has, to a large extent, been achieved solely by the generosity of individual members of the public, Church groups and the business community. The Haven Carpentry Shop has brought in profits of approximately 25% of the overall running costs.

The Haven Carpentry Shop’s clientele includes the domestic in market, the larger hotels, (including Atlantis and Lyford Cay Club,) and the major private schools. The Haven has a good reputation for its range of quality Lawn Furniture.

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